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Volkswagen Canada’s ‘Goodwill’ Program Started, Damn Exchange Rate

2015 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (4 of 8)

Volkswagen in Canada rolled out the same “goodwill� package for Canadian customers that they did for U.S. customers last month, according to Green Car Reports (via Autoblog).

Diesel buyers north of the border — up to 100,000 of them — will get the same $500 Visa gift card, $500 dealer gift card and three years of roadside assistance that U.S. owners received in November.

Volkswagen diesel owners can register their cars via Volkswagen Canada’s diesel emissions site.

In a letter posted on the Volkswagen Canada website, President Maria Stenström said the company may have waited too long to answer owners’ questions, but that the country’s goodwill package could help the company regain some of its customers’ trust.

From the letter:

Did we mess up? Yes. Do we have all the answers? No. Can we be accused of being too silent for too long? Perhaps.

It’s unclear when goodwill packages may be shipping for Canadian customers.

The “goodwill� program complements a large apology campaign by Volkswagen Canada the automaker started this month.

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