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Toyota Files ‘TJ Cruiser’ Trademark; Name Could Adorn a Compact Crossover

[toyota-ft-4x-concept, Image: Toyota]

A concept vehicle which bowed at April’s New York International Auto Show could adopt a somewhat familiar name if it makes it to production.

Toyota has filed a trademark application for the TJ Cruiser name — a moniker which harkens back to the large, rugged and funky FJ Cruiser of yesteryear. However, if this name does find its way to a production vehicle, don’t expect similar proportions.

The application, filed on May 25th and uncovered by AutoGuide, covers “Automobiles and structural parts thereof.” Right now, the only potential future model that carries any off-road potential is the FT-4X Concept revealed in New York. That vehicle, infuriatingly aimed at “casual core” urban Millennial types, rides atop the same platform as Toyota’s Prius hybrid and front-drive C-HR crossover.

When the C-HR bowed with no all-wheel-drive option, it seemed the automaker was either kissing off a crucial segment of buyers or playing its cards close to the vest. If put into production, the four-wheel-drive FT-4X would offer buyers more off-road capability than a C-HR and a versatile interior designed for adventure  It would also need a new name.

While many aspects of the concept vehicle appeared gimmicky and unlikely to see production, the basic elements seem like a sure bet.  At the show, Toyota boasted of the FT-4X’s aggressive arrival and departure angles, selectable low range and beefed-up double-wishbone rear suspension and McPherson front struts. A “punchy” small-displacement four-cylinder would provide motivation, said the automaker.

While there’s no confirmation as to whether the vehicle will make it to production, if it does, we’re now pretty sure of its name.

[Image: Toyota Motor Corporation]

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