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Time’s Up: Volkswagen Must Submit 3-liter TDI Fix for Approval by Today

1.6 TDI Motor ( EA 189 ):  Flow straightener Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group has until the end of the day Tuesday to submit its final plan to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding its illegally polluting 3-liter TDI engines, primarily used in Audi vehicles, reported Automotive News on Monday.

The deadline comes after an earlier proposal to fix 2-liter TDI vehicles was rejected by the regulatory agency and before Audi takes to the airwaves during Super Bowl 50 where we hope it’ll use the opportunity to tell us something more than just “buy this new, fancy, non-diesel car.”

We reported last month that a new catalytic converter was proposed by Volkswagen to fix its 2-liter diesel vehicles. Audi stated earlier that a fix for 3-liter vehicles would be much simpler.

Of the three auxiliary emissions control devices declared by Audi after the scandal broke, only one was determined to be a “defeat device” by regulators.

“One of (the AECDs) is regarded as a defeat device according to applicable US law. Specifically, this is the software for the temperature conditioning of the exhaust-gas cleaning system,� Audi said in a statement.

A fix could be as simple as a software reflash to change engine management. However, increased consumption of AdBlue — the liquid used to curb NOx emissions in Volkswagen’s diesel vehicles — in those vehicles is likely as a result.

Audi launched a Goodwill Package program, a carbon copy of Volkswagen’s program, for its 2-liter TDI-equipped Audi A3. It has yet to do the same for 3-liter TDI vehicles.

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