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This 1984 Dodge 600 Turbo Commercial Is a Nightmarish Fever Dream


The Chrysler Corporation was riding high again by 1984, but were they riding high when they made this ad?

A turbocharged engine was a brand-new option that year, and the resurgent automaker clearly wanted to celebrate the hot little 2.2-liter by having one abduct a woman and take her to the afterlife.

There’s a distinctive horror movie vibe to the beginning of this spot for the ’84 Dodge 600 ES Turbo. A beautiful young woman working late in an office, ominous music, seemingly paranormal activity — if slasher flicks have taught us anything, it’s that this lady’s gonna get it.

We soon find that the terror coming for her is of the convertible variety.

The first-generation turbo 2.2 packed 142 horsepower, but we didn’t know it had such pulling power. Crawling up the side of the building? Really? That’s the stuff of nightmares.

Once inside, this sporty drop top offers a one-way K-carriage trip to heaven, where shirtless men ride white horses and doves scatter as if in a John Woo action sequence.

Is that a brief reflection of her dead childhood dog?

After she comes down off of her trip — er, from her trip — Ms. Dodge 600 is pleased to find she’s no longer alone in her office. As she casts a sultry gaze, we now see that her fling with a turbocharged suitor has only just begun.

Chrysler tapped special effects company Dream Quest to help film the 1984 spots, which were clearly influenced by movies of the time. If you’re looking for a dystopian, Blade Runner-esque thriller, don’t miss the following Dodge Daytona ad, starring an actor who resembles David Hasselhoff and Dirk Benedict:

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