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Tesla Quietly Adds a New Model X — Now With Less Range!


Just as it did recently with the Model S, Tesla just took its Model X SUV in for a battery and price haircut, resulting in a new base model.

The automaker’s website now shows the availability of a 60D version of the all-wheel-drive utility, meaning a 60 kilowatt battery and an EPA estimated 200 miles of range. The battery shrinkage makes the new model the shortest-ranged Tesla in the stable, but it also undercuts the price of the formerly base 75D by $9,000. 

$76,500 (minus a $7,500 federal tax credit) is steep for any non-military vehicle, however, like the Model S 60, the slightly lower price broadens the pool of potential customers for Tesla’s flagship.

The smaller battery means less low-end grunt, though Tesla claims the Model X 60D will still match the 75D’s six second 0–60 mile per hour time. That’s with 325 pounds-fee of torque on tap, instead of the 75D’s 387 lb-ft. Top speed is listed as 140 mph.

As with all Model X variants, the 60D comes with seating for five and a long list of options — including Autopilot — for those wanting to boost the comfort level (and price).

The automaker hasn’t said if extra battery capacity can be unlocked for a fee, which was an option available to Model S 70 owners.

[Image: Tesla Motors]

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