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Missed It By That Much: Tesla Falls Short of Its 2016 Goal


2016 wasn’t just a disappointing year for celebrities.

After stating that it would place between 80,000 and 90,000 vehicles in the hands of adoring customers before year’s end, Tesla failed to clear the delivery bar it had set for itself. While production numbers crossed the threshold, 2016 deliveries fell short, numbering only 76,230.

Still, the electric automaker — which has set much loftier production goals for the near future — doesn’t seem too concerned.

In a press release, Tesla claimed that the lower-than-expected delivery number could be explained — at least in part — by the methodology surrounding its sales tallies.

“Our Q4 delivery count should be viewed as slightly conservative, as we only count a car as delivered if it is transferred to the customer and all paperwork is correct,” the company stated. “In total, about 2,750 vehicles missed being counted as deliveries in Q4 either due to last-minute delays in transport or because the customer was unable to physically take delivery.”

On paper, deliveries in the last quarter numbered 22,200 — lower than Q3’s 24,500 vehicles. Overall production was 24,882 vehicles in Q4 and 83,922 for the year. However, Tesla claims that demand remains strong, with record orders for the Model S and Model X recorded over the last three months. Interestingly, the Model X SUV’s share of the production pie grew compared to its sedan stablemate, perhaps proving that the utility vehicle craze transcends all propulsion types.

With the much-anticipated Model 3 scheduled to begin production at the end of this year, Tesla aims to hit a rate of 500,000 vehicles per year in 2018.

[Image: Tesla Motors]

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