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Hyundai’s Brake Light Problems Continue, This Time in a Different Model

2012_Hyundai_Elantra_(MD)_Active_sedan_(2012-09-01). Photo courtesy wikipedia.org

If you’re concerned that the red glow in the night sky could be distant wildfires, don’t be alarmed — it might just be a bunch of three-year-old Hyundai Elantras.

After the automaker recalled over one million vehicles three years ago to fix defective brake lights switches, a different model has now developed a brake light affliction.

According to a notice posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Hyundai is recalling 64,500 2013 Hyundai Elantras to fix a brake light problem. The vehicles were manufactured between December 1, 2012, and April 30, 2013.

The problem lies with the model’s brake pedal stopper pad, which can deteriorate, “allowing the brake light switch plunger to remain extended when the brake pedal is released,” the NHTSA stated.

That means the Elantra’s taillights could stay on indefinitely, annoying drivers in following vehicles and leading to unsafe situations on the road. Braking action wouldn’t be signaled to other motorists, leading to the potential for rear-end collisions.

There’s another danger associated with the issue. If the brake switch plunger isn’t retracted, occupants can shift the vehicles out of Park without depressing the brake pedal. That increases the risk of roll away accidents.

According to Car Complaints, Hyundai noticed an unusual increase in warranty claims on certain Elantra models in the second quarter of 2016. The automaker is now issuing recall notices to owners, with the recall itself expected to begin on September 30. Hyundai will replace the brake pedal stopper pad with an improved part.

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