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Hyundai Makes Volkswagen TDI Owners a Deal They Hopefully Can’t Refuse

2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited, Image: © 2016 Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars

Feeling burned by your former suitor? Want to get even with the German who caused you so much trouble and heartache?

Hyundai wants disenfranchised Volkswagen diesel owners to run into the warm arms of their caring South Korean friend and has a tailor-made deal ready to rope them in.

Commence operation “V-Plan.”

According to Alex Bernstein, senior pricing analyst at online retailer CarsDirect, the automaker didn’t waste any time swinging the bait in front of VW owners. On the heels of Tuesday’s historic settlement deal, which includes buybacks of 475,000 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, Hyundai pounced. Never let an opportunity pass by, and all that.

Calling it “a fairly generous offer,” Bernstein says Hyundai is offering a special rate plus a list of incentives starting today. The discounts apply to current or previous owners, or lessees, of certain TDI models bought before September 18 of last year. Just show up with your Class Settlement letter.

What can owners expect? The Hyundai Circle V-Plan requires a calculator, but it adds up to significant savings. Under the plan, applicable buyers will see a new Hyundai’s dealer invoice price drop by 3 percent of MSRP, plus $1,250 V-Plan cash and all current incentives. Hyundai has confirmed the numbers. Those incentives could chop several thousand dollars off of the post-discount price.

Hyundai claims the program launched in all regions on the same day as Volkswagen’s $14.7 billion settlement. The offer isn’t open-ended, though. To be eligible, owners need to show up in Hyundai dealers before January 3 of next year. Those buyers will presumably arrive by bus, as their former “clean diesels” will be on its way to the great recycling plant in the sky.

[Image: © 2016 Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars]

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