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Honda Civic Type R Could Add 10 G’s to Si’s Sticker Price, Squeezes In Under $35,000

2017 Civic Type R (European Version), Image: Honda

Earlier this month, Honda announced pricing for its hotter Civic Si sedan and coupe, both of which carry an after-delivery price of $24,775. However, at 205 horsepower, the 2017 Civic Si’s powertrain could leave some front-drive sporty car lovers wanting more.

Not to fear, the Civic Type R will arrive on dealer lots imminently. Offered on North American shores for the first time, the Type R adds an extra 101 hp to the Si’s power output, all thanks to a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Torque tops out at 295 lb-ft, and a hatch is the only bodystyle available.

According to new photos of a fresh-from-England batch of Type Rs, the cost of that extra power amounts to about $100 per horse.

The photos, posted on the CivicX forum, show Type Rs bound for U.S. dealers in the process of being unloaded at the Baltimore autoport. A forum user snapped a photo of a window sticker showing a base MSRP of $33,900, which works out to $34,775 after delivery.

So, a Type R seems to represent a perfect $10,000 upgrade over an Si, while still staying — technically — in the “low 30s.” Keep in mind that the Type R is a front-wheel-drive-only proposition, making it a slightly dissimilar competitor to the likes of the Ford Focus RS.

To regulate its pulling power, Honda has provided the Type R with numerous upgrades to keep the vehicle from getting too squirrelly. Up front, its 20-inch wheels benefit from aluminum lower arms and steering knuckles, as well as model-specific spring, damper and bushing settings. Variable damping is standard all around. These upgrades, plus a new limited-slip differential and dual-pinion electric steering (with variable ratios), should reduce torque steer.

While Honda hasn’t officially announced pricing, a spokesperson told Jalopnik to expect dollar figures in mid-June.

[Image: Honda]

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