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Elon Musk Clarifies Tesla Model 3 Won’t Outperform Model S

Tesla Model 3 Prototype on road, Image: Tesla Motors
Tesla founder Elon Musk recently cleared the air in regards to the automaker’s upcoming Model 3 sedan, telling his Twitter followers the more budget friendly Tesla won’t outperform the Model S.

Musk said in a Tweet that some of his less informed followers think the Model 3 is the next-generation of Tesla cars, similar to iPhone 2 vs. iPhone 3, when it will actually undercut the Model S and be sold alongside the full-size sedan. He added that the Model 3 is “just a smaller, more affordable version of the Model S,” with less range, power and fewer features.

The outspoken CEO also revealed the Model 3 will be sold in rear-wheel drive format only at first, citing the desire to minimize configuration complexity to help keep the production launch on schedule. Customers that put down a pre-order deposit on the Model 3 that want all-wheel drive will be first in line to get the dual motor car when it’s released, which likely be in 6 to 9 months.

Earlier this week Musk said Tesla intends to skip the “beta” test phase of the Model 3’s development cycle and will go straight to “early release” versions. This move will save Tesla money and will also help it meet its tight production launch schedule, but it could backfire if those “early release” cars turn out to be problematic. Musk is confident, however, and believes the Model 3 will be much less glitchy at launch than the Model S and Model X.

[Source: Car Driver]

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