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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Don’t Need No All-Wheel Drive

Dodge Demon Driveline

Like a professional dancer performing north of the Arctic Circle, the Dodge Demon’s strip tease is arduous and painful, beginning with a parka, moving on to the moccasins, then the toque, and … you get the idea.

But the latest installment of the Demon’s online strip tease may have just nuked an earlier rumor regarding the new SRT’s driveline.

Subaru fanboys — this angel of rubber-shredding death (probably) isn’t for you.

At the very end of Fiat Chrysler’s latest video extolling the grandiose, supercharged muscle car is the above frame. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see anything where front axles should be. Good. Bozi’s theory remains intact for now.

And that’s not the only speculation swirling around. The Demon could produce 757 horsepower and should be good for [email protected] … whatever that is.

However, we do know driving the Demon will be a solo affair, and doing so will suck (a lot of air).

Tune in again next week to see the Demon remove its mittens.

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