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Consumer Reports Restores Half of Tesla’s Missing Points After Braking Update

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Tesla Motors has won back some of Consumer Reports’ respect after being criticised for failing to include automatic emergency braking in recently built vehicles. The absence of the safety system really irked CR, resulting in a points deduction on all of the brand’s existing models. Tesla said it was abnormal to see vehicles of the same generation missing preexisting safety features and docked the Model S and X two points apiece.

“When we purchased our latest test car, we were assured automatic emergency braking would be enabled by the end of 2016,� explained Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center. “We’ve been waiting for this important safety feature, which is standard equipment on much cheaper cars.� 

The matter was address through a series of software updates, beginning last month, that returned some of the system’s functionality on Tesla vehicles. However, CR is only restoring half the points it took away since the update doesn’t provide auto-braking for cars operating above 28 miles an hour.

Tesla has stated that stop assist will be included in a later update, at which point it can earn back the remaining points. It claims the reason it disabled the safety features last October was down to the implementation of new autonomous hardware that would make the vehicles more capable over time.

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