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Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Unveiled At Shanghai Auto Show

General Motors has unveiled a second version of its Chevrolet FNR concept at the Shanghai Auto Show this week in the shape of a compact SUV that looks close to production-ready.

Following the FNR (‘Find New Roads’) concept at the same motor show two years back, the new version is called the FNR-X.

The ‘X’ factor, in this case, is a dramatic departure from the futuristic FNR concept which was designed to preview how motoring might look in the decades ahead.

But the FNR-X is much closer to the motoring landscape of 2017, and also quite close in appearance to Toyota’s C-HR.

Power comes from a plug-in hybrid, although GM reveals nothing about its output or expected maximum range on electric propulsion alone.

The carmaker does say that the FNR-X offers two driving modes – V (Versatility) and S (Sport) – and that the powerplant can switch between its internal combustion engine and the electric motor.

Suspension and ground clearance is adjustable, and the FNR-X is fitted with an all-terrain Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS).

Active aerodynamics are also a feature, as the FNR-X’s grille shutters can open or close and the wheel blades adjust during high-speed driving to reduce wind resistance.

Like the FNR, the ‘X’ is “highly autonomous”, using traffic software to predict the best route and a 270-degree head-up display system for the driver.

Also inside, you’ll find adjustable ambient lighting depending on the driving mode, intelligent seats with “individualised” storage space, split-fold second row seats and a level of mobile connectivity one might expect from a 2017 concept.

On the outside, features include rear ‘suicide’ doors with remote control, LED headlights and taillights,

“The Chevrolet-FNR is one of Chevrolet’s most forward-thinking concept cars, truly exemplifying the brand’s passion for innovation and ingenuity,” GM’s Alan Batey said.

“The FNR-X builds on the design and technology showcased on the original FNR concept and embodies the belief at Chevrolet’s core that anything is possible.”

Will we see a production version of the FNR-X? A China-only model is a possibility, as is a much tamer version style-wise for other global markets.

Or perhaps we’re looking at a distant replacement – or companion – for the Holden Trax? Watch this space.

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