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Rare Rides: Toyota Mega Cruiser Tells HMMWV to Step Outside

In our last Rare Rides entry, we saw a Saleen sporting a lot of engine and little room, carrying a maximum of two physically fit human beings inside the cramped cockpit. That’s assuming neither of them brought any baggage, emotional or otherwise. Today, we’re going in the other direction. I present to you …

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Toyota and Suzuki, Scared of Falling Behind, Eye Partnership

This could be the start of a beautiful business partnership. After its romance with Volkswagen AG ended in a bitter breakup last year, Suzuki is considering hopping into bed with the world’s largest automaker. Toyota and Suzuki issued a joint press release today announcing their intention to get together and …

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Is Toyota’s FT-4X an FJ Cruiser for a New Generation?

The departed Toyota FJ Cruiser was a vehicle of contrasts, depending on who you talked to. Too big, or not big enough. Too refined, or too often used as a grocery getter. Too retro, or not retro enough. An homage to its long-dead predecessor, the retro SUV defined “niche vehicle,” …

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Toyota Mulling a Hot Hatch, But Is the Yaris the Right Choice?

Toyota doesn’t immediately spring to mind when a buyer thinks of driving excitement. Far from it, in fact. While the brand carries an enviable reputation of reliability, strong resale value and general popularity, it suffers in the performance and youthful appeal department. That could change, with Auto Express reporting that …

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