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Tesla Planning to Double the Number of Supercharger Stations

With the “affordable” Tesla Model 3 on its way to an anticipated July production date, the company has promised to double the number of fast-charge plug-in points to feed the company’s growing fleet. The electric automaker has already installed over 5,400 Supercharger outlets and about 9,000 lower-voltage Destination Charging connectors …

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Owner of Tesla With Cracked A-pillar Gets Action, But No Answers

Earlier this month, we detailed the plight of a Toronto-area man whose newly delivered Tesla Model S 90D — a six-figure vehicle boasting cutting-edge technology — arrived from the factory with a sizable crack in the A-pillar. Because the A-pillar forms part of a one-piece aluminum side member, the defect represented a …

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You Like Trucks? We’ve Got Two Trucks Coming, Says Tesla

If Tesla CEO Elon Musk knows what’s good for him — and his bottom line — he’ll arrange a product placement in a Hollywood remake of Smokey and the Bandit, probably starring Ryan Reynolds. Maybe that Stifler guy, if he’s still bankable. America’s electric-only automaker figures it has the conventional EV passenger …

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Tesla Owner Finds Torn A-Pillar on Freshly Delivered Model S

Imagine you’ve just taken delivery of a car with a price tag of $127,100. You’re leasing it for a monthly sum that could pay for a nice two-bedroom apartment in most North American cities. The A-pillar is torn. Split. Structurally compromised. And it was delivered that way from the factory. …

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Elon Musk Clarifies Tesla Model 3 Won’t Outperform Model S

Tesla founder Elon Musk recently cleared the air in regards to the automaker’s upcoming Model 3 sedan, telling his Twitter followers the more budget friendly Tesla won’t outperform the Model S. Musk said in a Tweet that some of his less informed followers think the Model 3 is the next-generation …

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