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How a Single O-Ring Almost Ended a Race Weekend

Our race weekend at New Jersey Motorsports park was months in the making and the MX-5 Cup car known as Marylin finally felt solid. We arrived late, so the plan was to pull the car off the trailer, complete an ABS calibration, and then head back to the hotel to get …

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Mazda Has No Death Watch For The Mazda 6

Mazda’s U.S. lineup has already suffered enough cutbacks, according to North American boss Masahiro Moro. “I don’t have any intention to cut any nameplate right now,â€� Moro told Automotive News following a meeting of the National Dealer Advisory Council earlier in May. This means the Mazda 6, often thought to …

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QOTD: What to Do With Mazda?

Yesterday, Steph Willems asked in his Question of the Day what BMW should do with Mini and its lineup of identical-but-different vehicles almost nobody is buying. Since it seems like you’re quite eager to give brand strategy advice, let’s do it again today. I want you to tell me what you’d do with Mazda, …

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Mazda Makes a Bet on Popularity of Upcoming CX-5 Diesel

Diesel power has traditionally proved a tough sell in the United States, at least among light-vehicle buyers. If it doesn’t belong on a worksite, chances are a vehicle’s engine choices have remained gasoline-only since the model’s debut. While the high-mileage technology suffered a black, sooty eye from the Volkswagen affair, …

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