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So, the CVT Honda Civic Type R Isn’t Happening

It was all very exciting. The world of continuously variable transmissions was poised to grant entry to a new star — the snarling, winged and not-yet-born Honda Civic Type R. Hot hatch aficionados who loathe the three-pedal life rejoiced, while most others recoiled. Well, rest easy, stick fans. Thanks to some …

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NAIAS 2017: 2018 Honda Odyssey is a Nanny Cam with Wheels

Honda unveiled the production 2018 Odyssey today at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, revealing a thoroughly redesigned but wholly familiar family hauling box. New features include second row seats that slide side-to-side, as well as an interior camera to monitor mischievous rear-seat occupants. Mechanical innovations include an optional, all-new …

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Your Next Honda Civic May Come From Japan, Of All Places

The first Honda Civic made its way to the United States during the Nixon administration. Honda began building Civics in the United States in 1986. Two years later, Honda of Canada Manufacturing began Civic production, as well. In 2016, with an assembly plant in Greensburg, Indiana, and Alliston, Ontario, Honda …

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Ace of Base: 2017 Honda Odyssey LX

Sometimes a manufacturer churns out a base trim that — all things considered — might just be the best choice for that particular model. Here’s a candidate. Wait, wait, wait! Yes, this is a minivan … but before you scroll past this post to revel in Steph’s news reports or one …

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