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2017 Ford Fusion Sport – Embrace Your Pragmatic Inner Child

“Dad, you need to buy this car!” screamed my godsons from the backseat, needling their Scion xB-driving father with an outburst fueled entirely by speed-induced adrenaline and youthful innocence. I remember being just a little older than these two kids — I was in Grade 4 to be exact — …

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Ford Explorer Recall Blamed on a Very Specific Mud

Normally, a safety recall concerns an intrinsic defect found in a vehicle and, barring some regional temperature-related issues, usually covers units sold throughout the country. While Ford Motor Company is no stranger to recalls, its most recent callback concerns late-model Explorers with a very specific problem in a very specific …

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Freaky Friday: You’re Not Martha Stewart, But You Wish You Were

Sometimes readers just need a reminder that Martha Stewart — culinary queen, decorating maven, celebrity roast participant, buddy to Snoop, ex-con — owns Edsel Ford’s sprawling vacation home in Maine. Yes, the Mount Desert Island property built for Henry Ford’s only child in 1925 has been in Martha’s experienced hands for 20 …

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Office Space: Ford Goes Green With its 10-Year Plan

Referring to one’s corporate buildings as a campus is en vogue, from Apple’s planned Spaceship HQ to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Yesterday, Ford Motor Company announced plans to transform its facilities in Dearborn into a green, modern, and high-tech work environment. The 10-year plan will co-locate over 20,000 …

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2016 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible Rental Review

Ever since I left the city, you, you, youYou and me we just don’t get alongYou make me feel like I did you wrongGoing places where you don’t belong —Drake, “Hotline Bling” Biloxi, Mississippi is a place where dreams go to die. Sad imitations of Vegas casinos line the coast …

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Reinvest in Russia? Ford Motor Company Says “Da!”

After partnering with the Russian company Sollers for the past five years and investing more than $1 billion into car and engine factories, Ford Motor Company is betting on a Russian rebound and still sees the beleaguered country as a long-term play. Amid GM’s retreat from Russia, Ford stuck to …

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