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2017 Ford Focus Hatch Loses a Pedal

It disappeared in the night. There was no fanfare. No protest. No grand announcement. Barely anyone even noticed. They all just kept buying amorphous transportation blobs with available all-wheel drive. No one took the time to look at the options list on the compact car bolted to the dealership floor. …

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An Unknown Recall Can Lead to a Coast Guard Rescue

It’s getting harder to ignore automotive safety recalls, but it’s easy for one to go unnoticed if it’s handed down after the owner buys a vehicle used. While the circumstances surrounding the purchase of a vehicle involved in last weekend’s incident in Lake St. Clair aren’t clear, one thing is: the …

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2017 Ford Fusion Sport Review – Pay to Play

There is no single car that appeals to the wants and needs of everyone — yet that hasn’t stopped Ford from trying. Need a mid-sized family sedan? There’s a Fusion for that. What about a bare-bones four-door suitable for rental fleets? There’s a Fusion for that. Government-issue plug-in hybrid? There’s a …

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Ford Moves a Step Closer to Mass 3D-printed Production Parts

Ford is trying its hand at a new way of manufacturing inexpensive and lightweight car parts: 3D printing. While 3D printing has existed in the auto manufacturing scene for quite some time, it was largely used for prototypes and molds, not the actual product. Ford is now looking to use the …

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