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Solid Axles Could be Coming to the Ford Bronco

In a galvanized country shaken to its core by the looming reintroduction of the Ford Bronco, word comes of a component that could bring off-road prowess to every driveway in the union. The solid axle. Ford, which recently announced the official return of the storied 4×4, has reportedly handed over axle …

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Ace of Base: Detroit’s Half-Ton Work Trucks

Earlier this morning, Jack regaled us with a tale of a young man buying himself a loaded regular-cab F-150. Such a beast still exists, often selling at the rate of glacier progression and celebrating birthdays as they loiter on dealer lots. At the other end of the spectrum, rear-drive regular …

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One Million Jobs Lost Due to Fuel Economy Regulations? Not So Fast, Mr. Fields

Ford CEO Mark Fields used a potential worst-case scenario as the premise for his statements last month when he claimed new federal fuel economy rules would cost the nation one million jobs. Independent industry analysts and environmental groups looked into Fields’ comments and found huge job losses were just one potential — and unlikely …

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