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Audi Vehicle Packs Its Bags, Books Ticket to the Moon

It’s a one-way flight, obviously. Audi has announced that its Lunar Quattro has a ticket to ride on a moon-bound spaceflight booked for late next year. Refined, finessed, and now 18 pounds lighter, the automaker’s plucky moon rover is bound for a rendezvous with another extraplanetary car. That one, however, …

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Audi Poised to Bring the Four-door Coupe Downmarket: Report

“Four-door coupe.” The exasperating designation won’t go away, despite the best efforts from automakers to endow all sedans and five-doors with coupe-like rooflines. Did we forget to mention crossovers and SUVs? Yes, those can be four-door coupes, too. In traditional use, a four-door coupe designates a sedan with a different …

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